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PUBG players demanding region lock for Chinese players – Petition launches [Updated]

Update 12 January: Brendan Greene has responded to the community in a round-about way reminding players they will be setting a max ping which may eliminate players from joining servers outside of their region. Unsurprisingly, the comments on the Twitter post are still calling for a Chinese region lock.

Original St0ry

In an update from PUBG regarding BP being distributed unfairly following the PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds1.0 release, players have become frustrated with the game and are demanding PUBG lockout Chinese players from other regions.

The point of the update was to highlight the BP discrepancy which PUBG addressed with the following statement.

“We would first like to offer our most sincere apologies to our users who could not fully enjoy the game because BP was not given out properly, an issue which had occurred after the PC 1.0 launch, up until the Dec 27th (Wed) scheduled maintenance.”

We are compensating you for this loss. BP is given out to users all around the world, so it might not be received right away after clicking on the popup informing you about your BP compensation. Please be patient, you will get your compensation.”

PUBG says that restored BPs can be earned until 9 Feb 11:59PM UTC. With that now sorted out, the Steam community has taken the update thread in an entirely different direction.

There are 377 pages of comments demanding that PUBG do something about the Chinese community who have been causing grief with hacks and there’s also the problem of the language barrier. While the thread is littered with racist comments from some community members, others have been a little more sensible. One player called KingFG points out the problems facing non-Chinese players.

“I personally have the most fun when I play with others, but to play well, you gotta have proper communication and teamwork. For the last couple months, I rarely get squadmates that speak English, which is extremely frustrating. I tried out the LFG system with discord to find some people I can actually talk to, but it’s full of racism and trolls.”

PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds PUBG
Steamspy stats show the huge amount of Chinese players hooked on PUBG compared to the rest of the world.

With the Chinese players now the majority of the player base, the community wants action and has set up a petition (and another here) to have China region locked. If enough players sign it, the petition will be sent over to PUBG.

Not all Chinese players will be cheating, but looking at it practically, it makes little sense having Chinese speaking players being unable to communicate with players whose primary language is English.

If PUBG wants to keep players engaged with the game and keep it alive, they are going to have to step up and take action or players will leave.

Download PUBG Mobile English Version On Android (APK) In Any Region

When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds started making the news, it sat nearly uncontested at the top of the battle royale genre, then along came Epic Games’ Fortnite. The latter has raced ahead of the competition through the past few months thanks to regular updates, and a more stable overall experience.

PUBG does seem to have taken notice, with Bluehole beginning to roll out its own series of catch-up updates. Even as Epic Games has begun to make the move to mobile, Battlegrounds, which has already seen Chinese releases on both iOS and Android under Tencent’s lead, now finally has an English version. Once again, however, PUBG falls behind in availability as said variant has as yet only been pushed to the Canadian Play Store. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this particular restriction, and that’s exactly what we’re are going to guide you through here.

Update: PUBG Mobile is now available worldwide! You can download it from your local Play Store.

The first, and most popular workaround, is to sign into the Play Store with a Canadian Google account. The second option is to download the game’s APK and assets from a source other than the Play Store and simply sideload them. The sideloading route, while much more convenient, will prevent you from updating the game from the Play Store. You will then either have to re-download the game from a third-party source, or use a solution such as APK Updater.

Download & Sideload PUBG Mobile English APK, OBB

A user over at the popular XDA-Developers forum has been kind enough to make both the APK and assets of PUBG Mobile’s English variant available for download. For those new to sideloading apps, here’s what you need to do:

1. On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Security and make sure the Unknown sources option is enabled.

2. Either on your computer or directly on your Android device, download the game’s APK file and OBB package from the following forum thread.

Download PUBG Mobile English APK & OBB [XDA-Developers]

3. Transfer the APK to your Android device if you downloaded it on your computer, then, using any file explorer app, run the APK to install the game.

4. Unzip the OBB package and transfer the folder inside to the Android/obb directory on your Android device.

5. Run the game.

Install PUBG Mobile From The Canadian Play Store

1. On your Android device, install a free VPN app such as TunnelBear, SuperVPN, or Turbo VPN.

2. Launch the VPN app, switch your location to Canada, and start it up.

3. Open a browser to google.ca and sign up for a new account. When asked for phone verification, simply provide your local number.

4. Launch the Play Store app, sign out of your old account and sign back in using your new Canadian account.

5. Search for and install PUBG Mobile.

6. Once it is done installing, you can switch back to your old Play Store account and turn the VPN off.

PUBG Blue Blood: How to Enable and Disable PUBG Blue Blood

PUBG blue blood is a hot new strategy that players are using to confirm hits on targets. Making blood blue, instead of the usual red, provides a clearer visual on whether or not enemies have taken damage. This is especially effective at longer ranges, where it’s more difficult to see if scoped shots have landed on their mark.

PUBG Blue Blood: How to Enable It

Thanks to Reflexx_ over on Reddit, we now know how to activate PUBG blue blood without changing the game’s language to Korean.

First, you’ll want to open Steam and right-click on PUBG in your Game Library. Then left-click and hit “Properties,” before clicking “Set Launch Options.” Finally, you’ll need to type “-KoreanRating” in the text box.

It’s as easy as that! Boot up the game and you’ll notice all of the blood effects have turned blue.

PUBG Blue Blood

PUBG Blue Blood: How to Disable It

If you no longer want to experience PUBG blue blood, you can easily disable it. Simply follow the instructions below to make blood appear red again.

First, you’ll want to open Steam and right-click on PUBG in your Game Library. Then left-click and hit “Properties,” before clicking “Set Launch Options.” Finally, you’ll need to delete “-KoreanRating” from the text box.

Blood will now return to the usual red color. Huzzah!

How to get Crates and What to Expect from them in PUBG?

Improving the chances of winning, look and armor of a character, and what weapons one has are some of the major concerns of a player in PUBG.

Players continuously seek new ways of improving the objectives mentioned above, and crates are the go-to solution for it.

A majority of crates come with cosmetics, i.e., apparel and accessories to make your character look dashing or appealing (depending on the gender). Other crates have an array of assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, and many more.

With the help of a Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP, one can double their chances of winning with a crate. An ESP is a type of pubg wallhack that reveals the location of each player in the game by flashing the usernames on top of them. The one with the ESP can spot these usernames even through walls and buildings.

Coming back to crates, these can be purchased either with Battle Point (BP), the game’s own currency system, or with actual currency through the Steam Community Marketplace. Click here for more PUBG hacks, aimbots and more!

How to earn Battle Point?

Battle Point is awarded to a player on the following basis:

  1. Total amount of duration a player lasted.
  2. A number of kills by a player – 20 BP/kill for solo, 15 BP/kill for duo, and 10 BP/kill for squad.
  3. Total damage made by a player.

Using a Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP can provide immense help for increasing a players’ BP.

However, the cost of each crate with BP will rise successively thus refraining players from stocking up on items.

The price increases of crates are as follows:

  • 1st crate – 700 BP
  • 2nd crate – 1400 BP
  • 3rd crate – 2800 BP
  • 4th crate – 4200 BP
  • 5th crate – 5600 BP
  • 6th crate – 7000 BP

This successive price increase helps the maintain singularity of items in the game. Further, a player can only buy up to 6 crates in a week.

Crates at a Glance

All crates come with several items; however, players will only get a limited number of them. The 3 purchasable crates currently available in the game include:

  1. Aviator Crate

The Aviator Crate, as its name suggests contains all items related to aviation. The rarest item in this crate, Fringed Hotpants, comes with an availability of just 0.16%.

The most popular items in this crate include:

  • Suede Aviator Cap
  • Paddy Cap
  • Snake Skin Sneakers
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Countryside Sneakers

Other rare items include Desert Shemagh, Violent Violet Jacket, and Leather “Skyrocket” Jacket.

  1. Desperado Crate

The most popular items in this crate include Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray), Striped Tank-top, Leather Boots (Black), Wide Pants (Red), Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black), and Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black). The rarest item in this crate is the Cloth Mask (Leopard).

  • Fever Crate

The Fever Crate comes with several cosmetics items inspired from the 70s and 80s. The rarest item in this crate is Zest Checkered Skirt, Zest Denim Jacket, Cropped Corset, and Zest Retro Jacket. On the other hand, the most popular items include Zest Turtleneck (White) and School Shoes (Beige).

With ample BPs, one can purchase these crates and give their character a makeover. A Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP     can further increase their chances of earning BPs considerably.




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